Choosing a boarding school for your son is a huge decision and one you can’t take lightly. So we’d like to invite you into our place to hear from the boys themselves, their mums and our housemasters. Enjoy!

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St Paul’s Collegiate School has a reputation for the academic successes of its students and the results of their NCEA achievements for 2013 (shown below) prove this. St Paul’s students have also performed well above average in the New Zealand Scholarship examinations.

  • Level 3 – 93% passed (15% above national average)
  • Level 2 – 97% passed (15% above national average)
  • Level 1 – 96% passed (12% above national average)
  • 91% of our students achieved University Entrance in 2013
  • In 2013, 31 students passed their Scholarship examinations, five of which were Outstanding Scholarships.

St Paul’s offers its boarders a structured approach to homework through supervised prep time. Homework (prep) is done in the dining room under the supervision of a Housemaster.

Year 9 and year 10 boys spend 90 minutes each week night at prep, where senior students and teaching staff are available to help the younger students. The opportunity also exists for our boarders to work collaboratively together. This approach helps our boarders to develop the kind of study habits that are essential for academic achievement, and provides a solid base for progressing to NCEA and Cambridge courses in the Senior School.

All our junior students use iPads and have access to the school network via wireless throughout prep. The type of homework varies but consists of formal written work, preparation for a class the next day or specified reading and revision.

‘Homework is a daily activity for our boarders’
Jed Rowlands

I have been teaching boys for more than 28 years in the capacity as a mathematics teacher, boarding housemaster and assistant headmaster. Having been a boarder myself when in high school, I understand the importance of providing a safe and comfortable boarding environment where boys are happy. Boarding is the heart of St Paul’s – we are a caring family and our boarding boys are considered more like our sons than students.

Just as families do at home, here at St Paul’s our boarding family eat together, study together and play together. And we have a really great way of introducing that ‘family’ culture when new boarders start. They are placed in a small peer support group with other boarders ranging from 13-17 years where they build relationships with their senior peers. These groups meet twice a week to discuss topics about what builds men of good character. Here, the boys set goals for themselves in academic, sporting and cultural activities and are challenged by their peers to be accountable for achieving these.

Prefects and senior students also play an important role in the settling in period for new boarders. We are fortunate that through the leadership of our housemasters over the years, we have some strong role models amongst our senior boarders. They remember their life as a new boarder and will go out of their way to ensure the junior boys feel welcome and comfortable in their new home.

‘Boarding is the heart of St Paul’s and a place the boys call home’ Jed Rowlands, Deputy Headmaster junior school & maths teacher
Liam Allen

I started at St Paul’s as a year 9 day student. I live on a farm in Ohinewai, but I still lived close enough to school for Mum or Dad to drop me off and pick me up each day. When my parents went on a holiday overseas for three weeks, they enrolled me as a temporary boarding student – just until they returned home. But when my parents returned, I didn’t want to go home. I am now a full time boarding student.

I loved boarding so much, I just wanted to stay. As a boarder at St Paul’s, I am able to get my homework completed and get to my sports trainings on time.

I never did homework when I lived at home. Mum battled with me each night to get it done but I always found a reason not to do it. As a boarder we have a set time each night, known as prep, where we must study or complete our homework. I now get my homework completed.

Living at school makes it much easier for me to get up for early morning training. I am a keen rugby player so to have access to our school’s sporting facilities such as the weights training room, the gym, swimming pool and even the rugby fields to kick the ball around really helps with my training. And there are always mates around who want to come and join me.

‘I didn’t want to go home’ Liam Allen, Ohinewai
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